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The Farm

Welcome to The Farm by Farm Truck Catering, a culinary journey rooted deeply in family heritage and the rich tapestry of American farming history. Our story begins in 1935, when grandfather Tucker, a resilient soul from Oklahoma, sought a new beginning amid the hardships of the Dustbowl era. Settling in Delhi, he intertwined his destiny with the local pioneers and the fertile lands that promised a fresh start.


Over the decades, under the watchful eyes and nurturing hands of four generations, our farm has blossomed from a humble plot into a vibrant chef's garden. Today, it is a sanctuary for 75 free-ranging chickens, an array of row crops, and a budding orchard of various stone fruit and citrus trees. Each plant, each animal, carries forward Tucker's legacy, nurtured by his descendants—from my great-grandfather to my grandfather, from my father to me, and in time, to my sons.


Farm by Farm Truck Catering is more than just a business; it's a living testament to the enduring bond between land and family. It's about sharing the fruits of our labor, the stories of our ancestors, and the flavors that speak of home and heritage. Join us as we bring the farm's bounty directly to your table, one meal at a time. Welcome to our story.

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