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As the executive, chef, and proprietor of Farm Truck Catering nestled in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley, my roots trace back to the quaint towns of Stevinson and Hilmar, California. Raised in these close-knit communities, I eventually settled in Delhi on my family's longstanding property, a cherished landhold passed down through generations. This agricultural legacy began with my great-grandfather's journey from Oklahoma during the Great Depression, establishing a foundation that my family has nurtured and cultivated over the decades.


My childhood was enriched by explorations of California's natural wonders, from idyllic road trips through Mariposa and Yosemite to serene days spent by local swimming holes in Tuolumne and Stanislaus counties. These experiences instilled in me a deep appreciation for the beauty of our state, from the majestic Sierra Nevada to the enchanting Pacific coastline. While I treasure memories of excursions to Monterey, Big Sur, and Mendocino, it is the vibrant spirit of the San Joaquin Valley that truly captivates my heart.


My culinary journey began at 17 when I attended culinary school, graduating after a year and a half. I spent the initial five years of my career under the mentorship of talented chefs such as Giorgio Lo Verde from Sicily and Terrence Braxton from Washington DC, refining my skills in Italian and American cuisine. This experience shaped my identity as an executive chef, leading me to become a managing partner at Table 26 in Turlock, California, before transitioning to the role of Director of Food and Beverage for a prominent independent casino operation. After obtaining my certification through the Guild of Master Sommeliers, I took a leap of faith in 2022 to establish Farm Truck Catering, blending my diverse experiences into a culinary venture that celebrates the essence of the San Joaquin Valley and beyond. Join me on this flavorful journey as we craft exceptional dining experiences and honor the rich tapestry of our heritage.


Through Farm Truck Catering, I am privileged to celebrate the bounty of the San Joaquin Valley, infusing my culinary creations with a profound connection to the land and its traditions. As a father to two remarkable children, Lincoln and Tyler, I take pride in sharing with them the values and wisdom passed down by my ancestors, ensuring that the legacy of our family's heritage endures for generations to come. Join me on a journey of flavor and tradition as we honor the rich tapestry of the San Joaquin Valley through every dish and celebration.

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